Cesar Ceballos

Cesar Ceballos is a mentor and expert in body language who offers a program that allows people to master the interpretation and use of non-verbal communication in business. His program provides business leaders with all the tools they need to sell their ideas and persuade others using non-verbal communication.

Cesar Ceballos needed help to:

  • Clearly communicate his value proposition.
  • Improve his website to generate more leads and drive more sales.

What we did in this project:

  1. StoryBrand BranScript: After a series of conversations, we created an effective brand narrative that eliminated confusion and helped connect with customers.
  2. Website Wireframe: Using his brand narrative, we created a website wireframe that used to power of story to drive more sales.
“My experience with Horacio was excellent. Before I met him, I was having a very hard time communicating my value proposition to clients. Horacio helped me clarify my message with an effective StoryBrand BrandScript and Website Wireframe. His work has dramatically increased the conversion rates in my online course. I recommend Horacio to anyone looking to implement web copy the right way using the StoryBrand framework.”

Cesar Ceballos

Owner, Body Language Online