RIMMSA Energy Solutions specializes in the procurement and manufacturing of superior quality pressure components for the energy sector in Mexico and the United States. Their products offer greater reliability and efficiency in plant operations.  

RIMMSA needed help with the following: 

  • Clearly communicate their value proposition.
  • Use their website to attract more leads.
  • Implement a method that encourages their customers to buy.
  • Follow up automatically with people to grow their sales.

What we did in this project:

  1. Brand Narrative: After a series of sessions, we created a StoryBrand BrandScript and a clear message for their business.
  2. Website: Design and development of website aligned with their Brand Narrative and Brand Identity.
  3. Lead Magnet in eBook format to offer it to potential customers for free in exchange of their contact information.
  4. Automated sales email campaign to deliver the eBook and close the sale by communicating their value proposition, benefits and tackle common objections to drive more sales.
 “We are very pleased with the work performed by Capitaltec. Their methodology, breadth of experience, and professionalism is what sets them apart from the competition. I recommend Capitaltec to anyone looking to implement an effective marketing strategy to grow their business.”

Vicente Lozano Garcia

CEO, RIMMSA Energy Solutions