Online Store vs. Selling online; why is it different?

According to Statista, by 2025 there’ll be about 300 million online buyers only in the United States.

A digital presence is crucial, but it's not all your business needs. It's important that your products and/or services can also be commercialized through the Internet. To achieve this, it’s important to facilitate this buying process for your customers through an online or ecommerce store.


What does “selling online” means?

Selling online refers to the action of offering your products and/or services through different Internet platforms. Either through third party websites, online catalogs, social media, or any other digital medium where you can advertise them.

When you sell online, you don't always complete the sale through the same platform, which can be annoying for the customer.

This is why it’s important to recognize whether your products or services have the potential to be commercialized entirely online. If so, creating an ecommerce website or online store will be your best option. This website will improve your business productivity and grow your sales rapidly.


What is an online store?

An online store is a website created specially to sell products and/or services through e-commerce. An online store makes the buying process easier for customers. They go from the selection of the product and its payment, to the after-sales service they receive in one place.

Customers can make their purchases from the comfort of their home, with a single Internet connection and from any device. It’s very important to use a website builder that assures your online store is responsive for all types of devices.


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What does an online store do?

Your business, by having an online store, will gain credibility and trust in the industry. With the entire process in one single place, your business gets more clarity. You have a better organization of the operations, movements, and actions of those who enter your online store.

An effective online store must be focused on 4 main objectives:


Show the products/services you offer

The main goal of your online store is to list and classify all the products and services available. Products must have clear photographs that show their features. All products and services must have clear descriptions that communicate how they’ll help the customer solve their problem.


Facilitate the buying process

Simplifying the buying process as much as possible is the best way to increase your conversion rate. An online store is an excellent alternative for customers to save time when making their purchase. They will no longer have the need to physically go to a store or move from websites or platforms. They can do everything within your virtual store.


Improve your productivity and customer’s experience

Your customers will no longer have to deal with a complicated buying process and will stop feeling frustrated. Now they’ll feel confident knowing that the entire process can be done from one single website.

Not only this, with an online store, your customers can make a purchase from anywhere, at any time. These improvements will help you to grow your sales and expand your coverage.


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Grow your sales

Having an effective online store will make more people to learn about your products and/orservices. By having it on the Internet, your sales will no longer be limited by a geographical space. Thus, more people can visit your online store from anywhere and make their purchase without complications.


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