About our work with...

GlöArt Chocolatier

GlöArt Chocolatier is an artisan chocolate shop based in Mexico that offers fine chocolates made with the most exclusive ingredients and decorated by their master chocolatiers. Their signature chocolates provide a unique visual and culinary experience.

GlöArt Chocolatier needed help with:

  • Clearly communicating their value proposition.
  • Offering a simple and reliable buying process.
  • Establishing a system to encourage clients to buy again.
  • Generating new prospects organically.
  • Using a technology solution to automate the marketing and sales process to improve productivity and drive more sales.

What we did in this project:

  • StoryBrand BrandScript: After a series of sessions, we developed a BrandScript and a clear message to eliminate confusion and connect with customers.
  • Online store: Design and development of an e-commerce store to expand their reach and improve operational efficiency.
  • Lead magnet: Discount pop-up to entice customers to take the first step to make a purchase and share their contact information.
  • Email marketing : Configured an automated email marketing campaign to nurture the relationship with clients, educate them about their products and services and drive more sales.