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How to create your own digital marketing funnel

Using a digital marketing funnel as part of your strategy lets you win and keep more customers. It allows you to engage people with your business and guide them through a process where they become constant costumers.


What is a digital marketing funnel?

A digital marketing funnel is the digital process people take to go from prospect to client. Your business will use this funnel to build and nurture an engaging relationship with people.

This funnel is visualized as a model that represents the entire buying journey of customers, from the moment they learn about your business and have brand awareness up until they become clients.


How to apply a digital marketing funnel into your business?

A digital marketing funnel has different stages that the customer can go through in the entire process. Your business helps the customer move upward these stages. This can be achieved with the following digital marketing strategies:


1. An effective website

A website needs more than an attractive design and having all the technical functions correctly. A really engaging website does the job of generating leads for you.

Here are 5 tips you can apply to your website now to improve efficiency:

  1. Use 6 words or less in your pages headers.
  2. Don't use jargon/specialized terminology in your content.
  3. Use clear words to express your business value proposition.
  4. Have direct Call To Actions ("Buy Now", Schedule A Call", etcetera).
  5. Repeat your Call To Actions multiple times on each landing page.

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2. Attractive Lead Magnets

The StoryBrand framework show us that our customer is the hero of the story. As a hero, they overcome daily obstacles and is your job as their guide to help them overcome them.

For this reason, it's important to offer valuable content for free in exchange of people'sinformation. This will encourage your prospects to take the next step and will signal you that they are in your target market to follow up.

This valuable content, also called a lead magnet, can be up to anything like:

  • An eBook or PDF
  • Video series
  • Free trial
  • Discount
  • Webinar/live event

This lead magnet should be given in exchange for your prospect's email address, so you can get a valuable lead to follow up with. Be sure your lead magnet has a perceived value of $15-20 USD so your target audience will be interested to exchange their information for it.


3. Engaging Email Campaigns

Now that you have attract prospective customers with your website and gained their email address with a lead magnet, is time to engage them in an effective email marketing campaign.

This is where your digital marketing sales funnel really starts to take place. Having effective email campaigns will help you move your prospects down the funnel to turn them into customers and get a higher conversion rate.

Once a prospect has requested their lead magnet, they should receive it in the same email they provided you in exchange. After their asset is delivered, is your job as their guide to keep them engaged with a simple nurture email campaign.

A nurture campaign will help you build trust and create a relationship with the prospect where you're perceived as an industry expert they can turn to.

A sales campaign will give you the opportunity to show how your products/services will help them solve their problems and encourage them to purchase the product/service.

Here are a few extra ideas of what you can email to your potential customers:

  • Events of your business
  • Special offers
  • How-to videos
  • Blog posts
  • Weekly industry updates
  • Free resources

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What Are The Stages Of A Digital Marketing Funnel?

When a man meets awoman he likes for the first time, does he immediately ask her to marry him? No, the typical next step would be to ask the other person to take a small step to get to know each other better. In business, this natural sequence of relationships is very similar.

A successful digital marketing funnel guides your potential customer through 3 relationship stages:


1. The Curiosity Stage

This is the step where you meet someone and you want to know more about them. In business, the top of the funnel is a snap judgement.

Daily, your prospects are served by thousands of marketing pieces from different businesses. They are constantly filtering this information and are very selective with this.

The main question the brain asks when a new piece of marketing information enters is: can this product or service help me survive?

StoryBrand's CEO Donald Miller said, "To pique somebody's curiosity, you must associate your products with something that will help them survive."

You manage this with an effective website. This is what guides your prospect through the first to the second stage of the funnel. Your website should use words and phrases that speak to your customer's problems and how your products/services will help them overcome them.


2. The Enlightenment Stage

The middle of the funnel is all about building a relationship. Here, your prospect begins to trust in your business and its solutions (your products/services).

You must enlighten people by explaining them how you can solve their problem and help them survive. Your lead magnet and nurture email campaign will help you build this relationship and will give you the tools to communicate to your prospect.

People don't trust confusion, eliminate it from your message and clearly communicate your value proposition to move your prospects to the bottom of the funnel.

3. The Commitment Stage

This is where your prospects also pass through a step called the consideration stage. Here they are faced with an important decision: Do they commit to your business and buy your products/services?

Some businesses ask for the sale too soon in the relationship. Others never ask it directly. After your prospects have passed through all the stages of the funnel, you can be confident to ask clearly and directly for the sale.

A sales email campaign will finish guiding your prospects and turn them into paying customers by the end of it.


Does your business already use a digital marketing funnel?

We've stablished that a digital marketing funnel is a powerful tool to apply to your business. This works because it helps you to build and nurture a healthy relationship with your customer before they actually buy from you. 

Your business deserves to have an effective digital marketing funnel. This will guide your prospects though the natural stages of a relationship at a healthy pace, giving them the trust to fully commit to your business.

At Capitaltec, we help you implement a complete digital sales funnel that will guide your customers from strangers to raving fans. Find out more here.