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Build your 2022 Marketing Strategy in just 5 steps

As the Internet becomes more and more involved in our daily life, online marketing has become an essential part of business strategies.

Online marketing used to be just a new, fun and different type of marketing that helped to sell online. Nowadays, having an effective marketing strategy has allowed businesses to find the right prospects, get a better approach and sell to them with an automated system.

It’s an easy way to establish a relationship with your target audience and provide potential customers what they need to have a long-term relationship with your business.

Do you have a marketing strategy for 2022 yet? Start building it now in just 5 steps.

Most businesses make an “invisible” first impression. It’s not a bad one, but it’s also not a good one. It’s just invisible.

Carry out a competitive analysis of your main competitors, and you'll see that most businesses make this mistake. They communicate a message that nobody reads or cares about.

Here are the 5 steps your marketing team must take in this 2022 (and onwards!) to build an effective marketing strategy:

1. Create your one-liner (elevator pitch)

The question "What does your business do?" can be one of the most difficult questions a business owner can get. A lot of people don't how how to clearly communicate their value's proposition.

People are exposed to thousands of messages everyday. Your business message should stand out from the rest. People connect with businesses that speak like they know them, and offer products/services that make their lives better, take their pain away and help them get to where they want to go.

The most powerful tool you can use is a one-liner. It's very important that your business has a one-statement description (also called an elevator pitch) that communicates the problem your business solves, the solution you offer and how it benefits your client.

Creating a clear one-liner will help you connect with your potential customers and help your business cut through the noise. Analyze what internal and external problem your products/services solve, who needs this solution and give them a clear plan that will guide them to success with the help of your business.

Once you've created your one-liner, memorize it and use it across all your marketing communications and internally with your team.

2. Have an effective website

Your website is the front door to your business on the Internet, and it's where your customers look for more information about the products and services you offer.

Your business should have an effective website that builds trust for your customers. It should also help you connect with your customer base and start, continue and/or finish the sales process.

Your business website must be simple and compelling. It should compliment your overall brand strategy and marketing plan with a clear message.

It's important to point out that your website isn't about your business, it's about your customer. Everything you put in your business website should be created with your customers in mind.

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Having an effective website can be the key to achieve your business goals next year.

3. Build an attractive lead magnet

Most people who visit your website don't become clients on their first visit. For this reason, it's important to offer an easy way for people to continue the relationship with your business.

Offering a lead magnet will help you attract more leads that turn into customers. This is a key piece of your sales funnel.

You lead magnet can be any valuable content that you can offer people for free, in exchange of their contact information. This is the first time your potential client actually makes a commitment with your business.

An effective lead magnet should provide enormous value to your customers and help them solve a problem they currently have. This will allow them to have a quick win so you can earn their trust.

Your lead magnet, it should be displayed on your website to grab your visitor's attention. You can also promote it with paid media, social media marketing or any other marketing campaign.

When you offer your lead magnet, make sure you ask only for key information, such as people's name and email address to get as many leads as possible.

4. Set up a nurture email marketing campaign

You have attracted your prospect with your website and gained their email address with a lead magnet. Now it's time to nurture the relationship. This can be managed with an effective nurture email marketing campaign.

When your prospect requested their lead magnet, they should've received it in the same email they provided you in exchange. This same email will be the channel you'll have the opportunity to build a relationship with them and turn them into customers.

An email nurturing campaign is used to inform your prospects about how your business can help them solve their problems with your solutions (products/services).

This is an essential step that will help you reach your marketing goals. Remember, most people don't want to buy from your business right away. Often, they need to hear about you and your products/services many times before they're willing to make a purchase.

A nurture email marketing campaign helps you build trust and allows you to stay top of mind. Some of the most effective nurturing campaigns are:

  • Welcome new customers.
  • Birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Onboarding new customers.
  • Informative and valuable content.
  • Re-engagement.

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5. Send a sales email marketing campaign

With your nurturing campaign, your business focused on offering valuable content to build trust with your prospects. Now it's time to close the sale.

A sales campaign has the goal of closing the deal. It's your opportunity to show how your products/services will help your customers solve their problems, explain key benefits, overcome objections and ask for the sale.

An effective sales campaign must give your prospects all the elements they need to make a purchase decision, and all of these emails need to be sent at the right time. But you won't always have the time and resources to keep track of every action your potential customers take.

Emailing each of your prospects and staying on top of your contact list can be overwhelming. With the help of an email marketing platform, you'll be able to email your prospects without having to worry about doing it manually - the system will send automated and personalized emails for you.

By sending timely and relevant sales messages, you'll have the confidence that your emails will not only stay in your prospect's inbox, but that they will be opened. This way, your business will also be present as an authority in the industry, and will make your sales process more effective.

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Do you have your 2022 marketing strategy yet?

There you have it, a clear 5 step plan to implement in this 2022 to grow your business! If you apply all these concepts correctly, you will attract more leads, turn them into paying customers and reach your business goals.

I bet you're ready to get started. At Capitaltec, we can help you implement this plan effectively, so you can keep focusing on what matters most - running your business.

Schedule a call so we can learn more about your business and how you how we can help you implement this marketing strategy faster and with less effort.