Email Marketing

Types of email marketing campaigns you should be sending

An email marketing strategy consists of sending emails to a database of potential and existing customers with the goal of helping you convert more prospects into customers, increase your sales and save a lot of time in the process.

What is email marketing automation?

‍You probably won't always have the time and resources to keep track of every action or special occasion of your customers. By incorporating email automations into your communication strategy, you'll know exactly:

  1. Who to email.
  2. What to send them.
  3. The best time to do it without having to worry about this.

By sending relevant and timely messages you will have the confidence that your emails will be open and you will be present as an authority in the industry.

What are the types of email marketing campaigns?

As a business owner, you already have enough responsibilities to worry about. As your business grows and new customers start arriving, it will become more difficult to deliver amazing experiences to everyone who interacts with your brand.

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There are many types of emails that your business can send with the help of an email marketing automation platform. These different types of emails can be used for specific occasions. Some campaigns are aimed at the final sale of a product or service, others are aimed at promoting an offer, a subscription, and so on...

Below we present the most effective types of email marketing campaigns and how they can be aligned with the different objectives of your business:

1. Welcome email campaign for new subscribers and new customers

A welcome email is the best way to start any email campaign. It can help you welcome and onboard new clients in an automated fashion.

In such a competitive market, the first impression you make is very important. When someone signs up for your email list, it's up to you to immediately delight them with useful content. With an effective welcome email with the right subject line, the open rate of your following emails will increase exponentially and help you fulfill your next objectives.

A welcome campaign should be used with new subscribers and must:

  1. Welcome and thank them for subscribing.
  2. Invite people to follow you on social media, visit your website, schedule a call, etc.
  3. Help you get to know your prospects better so you can send them more relevant emails based on their interests.

When your business gets a new customer, the emails you can send must:

  1. Thank them for the trust they have placed in your company.
  2. Communicate them the expectation of what will happen next.

2. Nurturing email campaign

The objective of this campaign is to inform your customers about how you can help them solve their problems through the solutions (products/services) that your company offers.

A successful marketing email campaign helps you gain the trust of your customers and stay top of mind when they need to hire your services.

The StoryBrand method indicates that your business must position itself as the guide that your client has been looking for.

In each email, you should provide your expert advice on what's wrong in your customer's life and how you can help them fix that problem.

According to a study published by Invesp, prospects that were sent lead nurturing emails make up to 47% more purchases than other customers.

3. Sales email campaign

When you have an effective lead magnet on your website, people will be willing to give you their contact information (email, phone) in exchange for that content. This is a great opportunity to create a campaign to share how your product/service helps solve their problems and invite them to make a purchase.

A sales/transactional email must provide all the necessary elements to make a decision. For this, the campaign must:

  1. Trigger immediately at the moment the prospect shows interest.
  2. Help your customers overcome the most common objection they often have to not buy from your business.
  3. Explain how you differentiate yourself from the competition.
  4. Send the customer a clear call to action (ask for the sale).

​4. Onboarding email campaign for new customers

The buying process doesn't end with a sale, the reality is that the work of the business is only halfway there. It's critical to make a great first impression to make sure the product or service exceeds your customers' expectations.

An onboarding campaign focuses on teaching your customer how to get the most out of the product they purchased. It involves answering frequently asked questions, educating them on how to use the product, and even requesting a review. It's all about making the post-purchase experience as seamless as possible while saving time to achieve this.

5. ‍Birthday and anniversary email campaign

Focusing on the customer's birthday is one of the best digital marketing strategies. Everyone likes to receive something on their birthday, and businesses take advantage of this specific date to connect even more with their customers.

In addition to their birthdays, you can take advantage of any anniversary, such as the first time they signed up for your mailing list, the first purchase they made with your business, and so on.

With an email automation, it's easy to make your customers feel special on their special day. This way you will keep them interested and they will know how important they are for your business.

On those special days, send an email thanking them for their support and offer them a special gift, like a small gift or a discount to keep them coming back.

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​6. Informative and content email campaign

Send your customers content that helps them solve their problems and build trust with them.

If your business has a blog that is updated regularly, you may have a lot of content. You can reuse this content in automated email campaigns with newer customers who have not yet seen this material.

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It is recommended that these content emails be sent at least once a month. You can create newsletter emails and use this as an opportunity to promote a new blog post, introduce product updates, and even give away a free resource.

​7. Event promotion email campaign

Email marketing is ideal for promoting upcoming events, meetings or webinars that your business is carrying out. These types of emails get people excited as the event approaches and make sure they don't forget to attend.

When an important event for your business is coming up, send an invitation in the mail thanking them for registering, giving them more details about what to expect and how to join the event.

As the date approaches, send out another couple of reminder emails, encouraging customers to save the date and spread the word. Then, once the event has concluded, you can share resources that are relevant to the theme of the event and thank everyone for attending the event.

8. Re-engagement email campaign

It's possible and completely normal for your customers to lose interest after being subscribed to your mailing list for a while.

The client database of a business is one of the most important assets. However, the number of contacts you have is not so important, but the quality of them.

Regain the interest of your subscribers who have stopped opening your emails or unsubscribe people who are not interested from your list. These types of emails remind the subscriber why they signed up and offer an incentive to return.

This campaign is successful regardless of whether your subscribers return or unsubscribe. Remember, if a prospect isn't interested in your business, it's best to focus your efforts on mailings to someone who is.

As you can see, there are many types of email marketing campaigns. These campaigns help you convert more prospects into customers, increase your sales and save a lot of time in the process.

Email marketing is a strategy that can help you grow your business and stand out from the competition.

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